ELSPRO in use

ELSPRO LED linear luminaires KLF illuminate TÜV test hall of a large waste disposal company in Germany

The used

ELSPRO luminaire KLF

is characterized by excellent long-term properties.
This means that after 50,000 hours the luminaire still has 90% of the initial brightness at 40° ambient temperature!

Furthermore, the

LED luminaire KLF

has an exceptionally wide beam angle, so that the light is also reflected back into the room via the surrounding walls and ceilings. As a result, the lamp is very glare-free illumination of the surrounding space.

The light color of 4000 Kelvin also provides a pleasant working light over a longer period of time.
The desired brightness was easily achieved with an exceptional 9,000 lumens per luminaire.
Installation via two stainless steel clamps proved to be very simple and time-saving. The fact that the luminaires were internally through-wired meant that additional junction boxes were completely unnecessary.
After the installation, everyone involved was completely convinced by the result and very satisfied!

Author’s comment:
This luminaire is also available in 30 and 45 watts, each with two or three poles. In 45 watts the


also available with motion and twilight detector.


KLF linear luminaire

comes into its own wherever customers have previously used conventional fluorescent tubes. As a replacement for these can be

ELSPRO linear luminaires KLF

can also be successively replaced. Furthermore, the


can also be used in the project area for complete plant sections or new hall lighting!

Due to the pleasant room light with 4000 K and the wide reflection angle, through which it also radiates to walls and ceilings, this luminaire enables very good room illumination even with low ceiling heights or in very narrow and nested areas!

Reiner Ribjitzki