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Distributing boxes – special models

Personal safety switches/distributing boards with PE monitoring in accordance with the recommendations of the employer’s liability insurance association

Scope of protection of the PRCD-S:

  • In the event of a fault in the connected electrical equipment, protection in accordance with DIN VDE 0661.
  • Fault currents caused by defective consumers lead to all-pole cut-out by the PRCD-S.
  • In the event of system errors in the stationary installation, the PRCD-S dtetects all possible faults in the stationary installation and cannot then be switched on.
  • In the event of drilling into external lines, full protection is provided through SL safety measures in the external line.
  • The PRCD-S detects the external voltage on the PE – but does not interrupt the PE connection.
  • The external voltage can thus be cleared by its own series connected safety organs RCD and MCB.