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Setup and Characteristics

December 2020

The ELSPRO large area light N8LED 2.0 is a product development tailored to customer requirements. It offers reliable light when light is needed and is designed to be particularly user-friendly.
The ELSPRO N8LED impresses with its easy and quick tool-free assembly and disassembly.

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The Making Of …. shows the origins of the ELSPRO LRX solid rubber cable reels in the pressing and vulcanization process. The assembly according to customers` requirements takes place in Hilden in precise individual production.

For further information on the solid rubber cable take-up LRX please click here



May 2019

LRX: NEW is not inconsistent with established

  • compact and ergonomic shape
  • robust design
  • inside break
  • more equipment variants
  • LED with switch for intial lighting

See for yourself!


PRCD-S+ vom Hersteller PCE


Sehr geehrte Kunden,

für uns und die Firma PC Electric GmbH ist der Schutz der Verbraucher und die Sicherheit aller unserer Produkte die höchste Priorität. Im Rahmen von internen Qualitätsprüfungen wurde festgestellt, dass ein anlagenseitiger Fehler „Spannung auf Schutzleiter“ in der fest installierten Steckdose unter Umständen nicht vom PRCD-S+ detektiert wird. Dieses Schutzorgan PRCD-S+ schaltet trotz Fehler ein, wodurch sich in einzelnen Fällen ein Stromschlag nicht ausschließen lässt.

Es handelt sich ausschließlich um die Produkte mit dem Schutzorgan PRCD-S+ beginnend mit der Artikelnummer 46700.. , 9250027.. , 9350001.. ,  9621695.. , 967011355.. mit dem Produktionsdatum am Schutzorgan 2017 10 bis 2018 12

Der Betrieb und der Vertrieb betroffener Geräte ist ab sofort zu unterlassen!

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Solid Rubber Workstation Lamp HAL now with LED technology

August 2018

Well-tried solid rubber halogen workstation lamp HAL 150 is now replaced by the new LED workstation lamp HAL 20 with highly efficient SMD LEDs.


ELSPRO 45 seconds

June 2018

The next generation of light

N8LED 2.0 – Quality assured for the future!

December 2017

N8LED, ELSPRO’s famous large area luminaire, is an in-house product development tailored to customer requirements and needs. It delivers light reliable, i.e. when light is needed and there where light is needed, and is designed to be extremely user-friendly. It’s a proven mobile lighting solution for any construction site in industry, fire brigades, rescue and support services, control operations, army and events.

After 4 very successful years, the N8LED moves into his next generation: Version 2.0. For this further development, the focus was set on improving efficiency and quality as well as on technical optimizations.


ALFLED as LED wire rope light

October 2017

The LED pendant light for streets, paths or (parking) places.

For special applications, the proven ELSPRO ALFLED has been further developed as a LED wire cable luminaire. If required, it is available in a double-tube design and in a 90°-rotated design so that streets or squares are optimally illuminated

All pictures and versions: LED wire rope light ALFLED DS.

Further technical information about the ALFLED: LED machine lamp ALFLED.


Do you know Hilden?

July 2017

The compact solid rubber box named HILDEN is replacing the former series SIEGEN and FULDA

Small, robust and compact, the HILDEN series offers mounting options for mobile or stationary use: as a power distributor, safety or isolation transformer.
Examples and further technical information:



LED Workplace Lamps Type ALED Z1

May 2017

Select between

  • 2 output levels
  • 5 models
  • 24, 42 or 230 V
  • 2 colour temperatures
  • 4 reflectors
  • 2 front glasses


LED Machine Lamp ALFLED

May 2017

Aluminum Area Lamps Type ALFLED

  • 4 different mounting brackets
  • 24 V DC or 230 V AC
  • 4 length: 586, 866, 1.276 or 1.556 mm
  • 26 – 104 Watt Output
  • 3.017 – 12.958 Luminous flux


CX Dome Lamp with LED technology

ELSPRO Dome Lamps CX are replaced by the new CXL Dome Lamps with a 20W LED module.



March 2015

NEW: complete lighting intensity when turned on, also at low temperatures – ŠŠimmediately ready for operation




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